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Happy Consumers = The best sales pitch

" Aggressive marketing, speedy deliverables, out of the box thinking & a very humble team. LA Phoenix has pushed organica into the right direction. I believe they have the gift to do wonders when it comes to branding and marketing.

-Manav Chadha
Director Organica

" trainerTree has been associated with La Phoenix before it was born. I met Jeevant & Raghav, who are the co founders of the company, just for a few minutes at a place in Noida where we three had come for altogether different meetings. The two were still in final year of their college but still left an positive impact which made me call them for a meeting to discuss social marketing possibilities for TrainerTree.

I was amazed to the see amount of clarity they had in terms of what they wanted to do as a team at such an early age. They willingness to Listen & understand the customers thought process and the product and then creatively reflecting that in their work is brilliant. Just after a few meetings they understood how my brain functions and snatch the whole responsibility under themselves. At TrainerTree we believe in auto-pilot way of working and certainly like all other process Social marketing which is handled by La Phoenix is on auto- Pilot with minimal inputs from my side. " -abhishek jain
Ceo Trainertree

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" Our work with Team La Phoenix aimed to position our brand as one of the most premium home decor stores in the country. We were thrilled when Raghav, Jeevant and their team's fast track implementation of effective strategies resulted in rise of our sales upto 60 percent in first 6 months. That was beyond our expectations in terms of the quality of work and speed of the results.

What we appreciate most about working with them is their ability to cut through the most unpredictable politics of a project and deliver the expected results. They provide 360 degrees solutions for marketing and branding. They have been with us right from our inception and we consider them a very important part of The Decor Kart Family." -Nihal kalra
Director the decor kart

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La Phoenix is a marketing and advertising agency led by the youngest ad directors in India. It was started with the vision to develop enigmatic footprints of your creations throughout the world. With this vision in our heads, we built a team of young and vibrant people who are dedicated towards making the dream of your product/service come true.

We believe marketing and advertising is our way to contribute in helping your product/service reach the hands of the consumer and we do the best job in making this a reality.

We call ourselves workaholic wizards who believe that we have the capability to represent your product/service justifiably to the consumer. We practice behavioural branding wherein we try to understand the story behind your creation so that we can do justice to it. In order to represent your brand to the world in a comprehensive manner we adopt 360 degree campaigning.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you haven’t understood it well enough” – Albert Einstein. This is the philosophy we at La Phoenix also work with. We are proud of our ‘to the point’ approach. Our content and design represents your product/service to the consumer with simplicity.

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We started this firm about a year ago from a small room in West Delhi, and now we've got about more than 14 clients.

Our workspace, which we call the Nest, is a never ending bubble of energy. There might be a lot of pressure at times, or a lot of chilling going on, except monotony this nest has witnessed almost everything.

We never call La Phoenix a creative agency. We are unlike your usual 'agencies'. Our sole aim is to establish a healthy brand image with the maximum sales possible. We are not artists. We are troubleshooters. Your business or brand is in jeopardy call us. (Call Jeevant not me, I hate getting on the phone, Mail me rather)



La Phoenix was established with a goal, which is to bring about a healthy change in today's consumerism. People see brands in today's date as large corporate giants having very little or no regard for them.

Even a lot of brands these days, aren't truly looking at consumers in the way they should, they're looking at them like sales targets.

This isn't the way a brand should be. A brand is a living organism that grows with the love, affection and loyalty of it's consumers. There is an emerging need to navigate brands in a more consumer centric direction.

It's easy in today's age to get a funding on your app or bucket loads of money from a VC. But creating a brand image that buys a healthy space in the consumer's mind, that is magic. And that is why we are here :D