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We follow a 360 degree campaign model we are able to offer a host of services to our clients, which we believe help your brand stick with consumers.

Digital Marketing & Web Development:

This is the vertical our firm began with and till date is the hottest selling service despite an ever increasing number of new players. Simply put, it is your footprint on facebook, twitter, instagram and any other social media platform your customers are consuming. Chances are, if you can name it we are already on it. We make sure your creation is the Jedi of this digital revolution.


We truly believe that every product/service has its own story of creation behind it. We, as a team, like to capture all aspects of this journey and present it to the customers in a way that appeals to them. Our content can convert the script of your creation into hero’s one liners which are frank rather than overly dramatic and our designers can digitize it with no extra cuts in between. Everything captured in one take. You don’t need to make .four hour long movies to explain a concept; we can build your brand in less than 5 words.

Offline Marketing Solutions:

Keeping in mind that technology has not overtaken us yet, we at LP also bring you offline marketing solutions. We create glorious billboards your consumers can smile at while being stuck in traffic, flyers to stick behind competitor’s backs and creatives worthy of making newspaper headlines. We can design the most eye catching packages your consumers can buy and make sure it is a pleasure for your customers to indulge in your products.

Strategy Consulting:

Life is unpredictable and change is the only constant there is. As your business grows wings it would also encounter certain difficulties while soaring high. You may be faced with doubts, apprehensions, or a fork in your road. For each of these problems you may face we provide you a solution for it. We believe ourselves to be trouble shooters capable of solving every problem statement you may throw our way.